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Monday 01/05 Tuesday 02/05 Wednesday 03/05

08:00 Registration
09:00 Welcome Auditorium
Welcome to CPV-13
Karin Hinzer, University of Ottawa
09:15 Session 1: Opening Session Auditorium
Chair: Kenji Araki (Toyota Technological Institute)
Pathway to 50% Efficient Inverted Metamorphic Concentrator Solar Cells
John Geisz, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
8 Years of CPV: ISFOC CPV Plants, Long-Term Performance Analysis and Results
María Martínez Montes, ISFOC
10:00 Invited Talk Auditorium
Chair: Kenji Araki (Toyota Technological Institute)
41.2% Efficient Mini-Module which Harvests the Full Solar Spectrum
Matthew Lumb, George Washington University
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Session 2: Concentrating Optics Auditorium
Chair: Henry Schriemer (University of Ottawa) and Ralf Leutz (leopil - Leutz Optics and Illumination UG)
Experimental Characterization of Achromatic Doublet on Glass (ADG) Fresnel Lenses
Guido Vallerotto, Instituto de Energía Solar - UPM
The Role of Draft Facets in Temperature Effects in Silicone-on-Glass Fresnel Lens Applications
Peter Nitz, Fraunhofer ISE
Spectrally-Resolved Optical Efficiency Using a Multi-Junction Cell as Light Sensor: Application Cases
Marta Victoria, Instituto de Energía Solar - UPM
Design of the Partial Concentrator Lens for III-V on Si Static Low Concentrators
Kenji Araki, Toyota Technological Institute
Shape Characterization of the Primary Mirror of a Mirror Based Solar Concentrator
Franco Trespidi, RSE
12:40 Sponsor Presentations Auditorium
AZUR SPACE Solar Power
Sumitomo Electric Industries
Takashi Iwasaki, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
13:00 Lunch Break
14:15 Session 3: Solar Cells for CPV (I) Auditorium
Chair: John Geisz (NREL) and Ned Ekins Daukes (Imperial College London)
The Handling of Thin Substrates and its Potential for New Architectures in Multi-Junction Solar Cells Technology
Clément Colin, University of Sherbrooke
On the Thermal Degradation of Tunnel Diodes in Multijunction Solar Cells
Ignacio Rey-Stolle, Instituto de Energía Solar - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Direct Growth of Crystalline Silicon on GaAs by Low Temperature PECVD: Towards Hybrid Tunnel Junctions for III-V/Si Tandem Cells
Gwenaelle Hamon, Total, LPICM
AlGaInP/GaAs Tandem Solar Cells for Power Conversion at 400°C and High Concentration
Myles Steiner, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Progress in R&D on CPV Cells and Modules for Highest Efficiencies within the EU-Funded Project CPVMatch
Simon Philipps, Fraunhofer ISE
16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 Session 4: CPV Systems (I) - Engineering and Field Experience Auditorium
Chair: Maria Martinez (ISFOC) and Kensuke Nishioka (University of Miyazaki)
Lessons Learned from an Installation of a 10MWp CPV Power Plant in Hami China
Andreas Pink, Freelancer
Outdoor Validation of the 30 Minutes Intermittent Tracking of 100 x CPV
Kenji Araki, Toyota Technological Institute
DEGRADE-CPV: A Long Term Degradation Analysis of CPV Systems in Spain and Cyprus
Marios Theristis, University of Cyprus
Update on Performance and Reliability of Sun Simba CPV Modules
Stefan Myrskog, Morgan Solar Inc.
Analysis of Outdoor Performance of a 550X Concentrator Photovoltaic System in Bangalore
Harsh G. Kamath, Indian Institute of Science

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